An Intelligent, Accountable Approach

Global Real Estate Consultants specializes in strategy development and implementation of real estate solutions. You will have a significantly different type of experience when working with us because:

We are strategy-driven.

We start an assignment by analyzing and understanding your issues and opportunities, and working with you to develop sophisticated strategies. We then agree on specific goals with which to implement and measure our performance.

We are not brokerage-driven.

This avoids counterproductive conflicts of interest. Instead of putting individual’s brokerage revenues ahead of clients requirements, we can structure project goals and compensation to appropriately align our interests with yours. For example, we have in the past developed strategies that recommended against doing certain transactions – something that brokerage-driven firms avoid because of compensation conflicts.

No hand-offs.

The individuals you work with at Global Real Estate Consultants will personally drive the project to completion. Anywhere in the world, whether in Miami or Bratislava, we actively advocate on your behalf and represent your interests. You will know who is representing you, and who to hold accountable for results.

Clients give us positive reviews for these differences. One of them characterizes us as a provider of European-style real estate services, but not just because of our international roots. Our processes and incentives are designed to provide you a “trusted advisor” experience that differs from most North American-based firms.