Our Services


Our vision is to be the exception in the commercial real estate industry. We place priority on achieving optimal business outcomes, developing goals for each situation and measuring our performance against those goals. Our pledge to you is to do what is right for the client’s best interest and prioritize that interest before our own. Our integrated model ensures that priorities are established within a professional team-working environment.

Global Real Estate Consultants is capable of providing clients with such services because of our experience. Our principals have worked in various senior executive positions for renowned international real estate and consulting firms over the past 20 years.

With such background and experience it is our mission as multidisciplinary team to offer the highest cross-border efficiency by offering fully integrated services with greater flexibility – without any cross-regional or international organizational dynamics or shortcomings.

We deliver greater client value and cost savings because we strive to achieve optimal efficiency and effectiveness through our approach and management of real estate assets, often exceeding expectations. We work with the best local partners in each type of real estate service regardless of their corporate allocation or network allegiance.

We offer five types of global services :

 Strategy and Planning

 Real Estate Transactions

 Real Estate Services Management

 Organizational Development

 Global Investment Services